Published on 2006-08-15 04:38:12

Jamie Gold, the man who won the $12 million dollar World Series of Poker main event, seems to be either misunderstood or a chronic liar. More and more evidence seems to be surfacing around the Internet that not only is Mr. Gold a liar, but he may be walking away with only a fraction of his total winnings.

First off, to the first point. Is Mr. Gold a liar? Much was made of the fact during the World Series of Poker that Mr. Gold was a big-time ex talent agent, having managed the careers of the likes of James Gandolfini and Lucy Liu. The story goes, that Mr. Gold was in actually a junior agent at a talent agency, and not the actual representative for these stars.

Also, Mr. Gold claims to be the basis for the character Ari Gold in the show Entourage. I'll let you be the judge of that one.

Also, how much of the $12 million is actually going to Mr. Gold. Word is that he actually had only 50% of himself at the main event, with the other 50% going to Crispin Leyser. The story goes that Bodog agreed to sponsor Mr. Gold at the main event if he could get one of his "celebrity clients" to enter the World Series of Poker and wear Bodog gear. Apparently Mr. Gold was having trouble finding someone, so he asked Crispin Leyser if he knew of anyone, and sure enough, Mr. Leyser secured the services of Matthew "Scream" Lillard. Gold, thankful, offered 50% of his tournament winnings to Mr. Leyser as compensation.

Also, Johnny Chan acted as a mentor for Mr. Gold, and was apparently promised 10% of Jamie's winnings in return for his services.

So when you subtract 10% for Mr. Chan, 50% for Crispin, factor in the fact that Mr. Gold gave a $1 million dollar tip to the WSOP Dealers, and after he gives the IRS their cut .. you aren't left with much.


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