Published on 2006-07-24 21:36:33

Bryan Micon, who runs NWP, gets a big shout-out from this blog after he finished 9th in the $2000 NL Hold'em World Series of Poker event that finished up yesterday. Anytime a fellow member of the online poker affiliate community does that well in an event, they get a shout-out, but Micon gets a big two-thumbs up for how he stuck to his guns and sported NWP wear at the televised final table, instead of crumbling and wearing an online room's gear.

Word has it that Micon bought into this event using PokerStars tournament dollars, which PokerStars says obligates the player to wear PokerStars gear (which I think is flat wrong.) Unfortunately for Stars, they didn't have Micon sign a contract when he picked up his seat, so he was under no obligation to wear any of their gear. According to the website, Stars was not too happy and said that they would be shutting down his account for failing to abide by their rules.

Secondly, I also heard through the grapevine (though unconfirmed) that Full Tilt Poker offered somewhere between 30-50k to Micon to wear their gear at the televised final table, and he refused, so that he could wear NWP gear.

We rarely put links to other sites up on this site, but will make an exception in this case. Head on over to Never Win Poker, as they deserve the traffic.


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