Published on 2006-07-04 03:41:21

Controversy abound this weekend after Dutch Boyd captured a World Series of Poker bracelet and over $400,000 in cash after beating out Joe Hachem to win the $2500 Short Handed No Limit Hold'em event.

Why the controversy? Well for the uninformed, Dutch Boyd, along with his brother, founded a bunch of years ago, which was the predecessor to such sites as Party Poker and The site was rolling along, and then they had trouble with their credit card processor. One thing led to another, and the company ended up using customer deposits to fund their business, before the entire operation went belly-up. Instead of declaring bankruptcy and returning the players funds, they tried to buy time by using players funds.

Anyways, this was well-documented, and many people want to see Boyd use his winnings to pay back the users of that site. Some players, in particular Greg Raymer, have been particularly outspoken about Boyd.

Boyd is without a doubt an extremely bright person. The question is: should he repay these people out of his winnings? Was he staked for this event? How much does he actually have left? Should people be willing to forgive Dutch Boyd?

On another note, Joe Hachem proved that he definitely isn't another Chris Moneymaker, and that he deserved to be there. If his AQ all-in preflop wasn't cracked by Boyd's A5, he probably would have won this event, as I think that Boyd would have self-destructed. All in all, an interesting night of poker.


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