Published on 2006-05-22 08:21:03

This is often a subject of bitter debate. Who is the best no limit cash game player on Poker Stars? Before I get into who my choice is (should be obvious by the title of the article), let me list some other possibilities of players that I think are very, very solid no limit cash game players on Poker Stars.






But who is the best? If I had to give someone $100k of my own money, who do I think would run it up to $300k the fastest, plus who do I think would have the best chance of not busting with that same $100k? I would have to give it to Hallinggol. He is, without doubt, the best no limit cash game player on Poker Stars. Even after Poker Stars got rid of the rebuy trick for the higher level cash games, you'll see Hallinggol sitting with huge stacks, sometimes upwards of $20,000. Not bad for a game with a max buyin of $2k.

Hallinggol recently had a $150k profit week, and is constantly busting people left right and center in the big game on Poker Stars. Not only that, but he is usually playing 5-6 tables at one time, and dominating most if not all of those tables.

The story goes that Hallinggol and his girlfriend broke up just after the World Series of Poker last year. Hallinggol got depressed, had too much to drink, and went into a sustained slump. Word has it that Hallinggol stayed up for three days straight, fueled by Red Bull and caffeine pills, and won back all of the money he had lost from the end of the World Series of Poker up until that point. I watched quite a bit of this session, and I don't doubt the numbers.

The other impressive thing is that while Halling only dabbles in tournaments, he usually places very high when he does play. Just a great, great player.


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