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People that know me know that my favorite all-time poker game is Pot Limit Omaha. If you are an action junkie, then there is no doubt that PLO is the game for you. However, you need a BIG bankroll to play this game, as the suckouts can be unbelievable. I've run $50 into thousands in one session multiple times, and also lost the same amount right back.

This is going to be a multiple part series on how I play the game of Pot Limit Omaha. I tend to do fairly decent in the game, and am definitely a net winner over the long-term. The first word of advice I have is:


This is the fatal mistake that I see inexperienced players make all the time. They raise preflop with their AAxx, which is fine, and get let's say, 4 callers. The flop comes let's say, K J 9, all spades, and they insist on getting all their money in, and lose, all the time. I have seen more people going bust playing their big pairs post-flop than anything else in PLO.

Anytime I get a pair dealt to me preflop and no real draws, I like to limp into the pot. You have to remember that you are going to hit a set only a small % of the time, so you can't waste your bankroll getting into raising wars with your JJxx preflop hoping you'll hit your set. The hands that you want to call pre-flop raises with? Strong drawing hands, such as AKJQ double suited. THAT is a hand that you can call a preflop raise with, because there will be a good chance that your opponents will have a big pair or something, and you have a great chance of taking a huge pot if they can't get away from their aces and the flop is a favorable one.

My advice? Limp with pairs, raise or call a pre-flop raise with strong drawing hands. Don't get into raising wars with a single big pair with no draws, and don't be afraid to get away from big pairs post-flop, even hands such as AAxx, if the flop brings blanks for you.


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