Published on 2006-03-30 07:43:39

Well, ZeeJustin finally broke his month long silence, and posted a long apology on his web site. Click here for the link to his apology.

The title of the post is "I Screwed Up." For anyone who doesn't want to read it, here are the main points of the entry. I will turn comments on for this entry; please post what you think.

1) He admits to double-entering some big Poker Stars tournaments.

2) He says that multi-accounting is quite a common occurance (I believe this.)

3) He believes that Party Poker acted hastily in confiscating all $100,000 of his money, even though the majority of this money was won legitimately.

4) He asks for forgiveness from the poker community, and asks to be reaccepted onto sites like Two Plus Two and Pocket Fives.

My question to everyone reading this is: should Zeejustin be welcomed back into the poker community, or should he be permanantly blacklisted? Should his young age be a consideration (everyone does stupid things from time to tome.) Should Party Poker have confiscated all his money, or should they have done what Poker Stars did; determine which gains were ill-gotten, subtract that amount of money, and ship ZeeJustin back the rest of his money and close out his accounts.

What does everyone think?


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