What Does Splash Around Mean?

What is the definition of the term "splash around" in poker? What is the meaning of the term "splash around"?

In poker, "splashing around" occurs when you are playing super aggressively and without concern about things like pot odds or putting yourself in optimal situations, for that matter.

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For instance - let's say that you just won $4,000 at the sports book and want to play some $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em. Thanks to your suddenly enlarged bankroll, you decide to have some fun and raise every single hand pre-flop that you play, regardless of your holding. In addition, you constantly push your chips all-in after the flop, daring the other players at the table to make a call.

This is "splashing around", as you are far from playing optimal poker. Instead, you are having fun and playing sub-optimal poker.

If you are going against opponents that are playing weak-tight, "splashing around" can be a great way of building up a stack. Just be careful, however, when you do get some resistance, as it will likely mean that your opponent has a monster.

In addition, strong players will quickly sniff out the fact that you are "splashing around" and adjust their game to take your chips.

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