Pokerstars Steps In After Insolvency

Published on 2017-07-07 18:53:00

Pokerstars and logos - Brands as they are in year 2017.It's Pokerstars to the rescue once again.

Earlier this week, Eric Hollreiser of Pokerstars revealed that his company had signed a deal with the court appointed Administrator responsible for handling the insolvency of

Per the terms of the deal, Pokerstars will be reimbursing all of PKR's 60,000 customers who currently have their funds trapped on the site.

According to Pokerstars, players who already have accounts on both and Pokerstars will have their PKR funds credited into their Pokerstars' accounts.

If you don't have an account on Pokerstars, all you will need to do is open up an account on the site and Pokerstars will credit your account with however much you had trapped on


After "Black Friday" took place, Pokerstars signed a deal with the US government that saw all of Full Tilt Poker's former customers get their money back. Pokerstars' already strong standing in the poker world was raised another notch after that deal, though they have lost some of their lustre in recent years due to some unpopular changes.

The deal to reimburse customers is certainly going to be smaller and less complicated than the Full Tilt Poker transaction, though Pokerstars is gaining some more goodwill as a result, which is something that they need right now.


According to Pokerstars, an email was sent out yesterday to all of's 60,000 customers, advising them on how to claim their trapped funds. Pokerstars has promised a "relatively simple" process for regaining your funds.

If you haven't received an email from Pokerstars and were a former customer with money on the site, you may want to check your Spam folder. If you didn't receive anything, contact customer service at Pokerstars to get the situation worked out.

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