Noori To Attempt Prop Bet at Arizona McDonald's

Published on 2017-05-12 13:35:00

The King is reporting an outrageous piece of news.  Looks confused.Can poker pro Mike Noori eat $1,000 worth of McDonald's food within the span of 36 hours?

The poker world loves its prop bets. Dan Bilzerian's bicycle ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas generated a great deal of publicity, while Antonio Esfandiari ended up getting disqualified from a major tournament as a result of a prop bet between himself and Bill Perkins.

The newest prop bet that has the poker world buzzing - can Mike Noori consume $1,000 worth of McDonald's over the span of 36 hours?

There has been a tremendous amount of betting action on this prop, with most people thinking that the feat is next to impossible. According to reports, as much as $200,000 has been bet on the outcome, with Noori being seen as a serious underdog to pull off the feat.

A number of ground rules have been set, including:

1) The challenge will take place at an Arizona McDonald's (eliminating the possibility of Noori travelling to a McDonald's overseas where the food might be much more expensive)

2) None of the $1,000 can be spent on drinks

3) Only $200 can be spent on salads

4) Blenders and drugs are prohibited


Many people (accurately) said that Noori's likeliest path to victory was consuming a large quality of apple slices. These slices usually sell for $1 a pack and contain 15 calories worth of apples.

Noori said that apple slices were a big part of his plan to win, as he plans to immediately consume $500 worth of the fruit.

Having said that, Noori will still have to consume a massive amount of food over the course of 36 hours and is still seen as the underdog.

Can he do it?


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