Salomon Ponte Ridiculed After Disastrous "Poker Night in America" Appearance

Published on 2017-04-23 22:45:00

Salomon Ponte - Selfie for social media accounts - Reflective sunglasses.To say that this wasn't Salomon Ponte's best weekend would be an understatement.

Ponte, aka the "Hash Tag King", has grown in notoriety since "Poker Night in America" started streaming on Ponte, who won a WPT DeepStacks event last year for $341,420, has developed a reputation for being loud, brash and incredibly volatile at the table.

When "Poker Night in America" announced that the likes of Ponte, Mike Dentale and Brandon Cantu would be playing in a streamed cash game this weekend, everyone knew that there would be fireworks. Include the likes of Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk, and you had upwards of 5,000 people watching at the same time.

The first night of Poker Night in America Choctaw produced some high drama, including:

1) Deeb and Ponte throwing insults back and forth, with Ponte repeatedly calling Deeb's wife "ugly" and wondering why Deeb was doing nothing about his insults

2) Ponte and Polk negotiating for a heads-up cash game with each player putting up $1 million

3) Ponte busting the game and then trying to get a loan from the other players at the table by putting up his watches and phones as collateral

4) Ponte continuing to berate Deeb

5) Ponte sitting at the table for roughly 45 minutes while he tried to figure out how he was going to get the money to stay in the game

6) Deeb and Cantu frequently getting into a verbal war

Ponte's behavior brought practically universal condemnation from the poker community, with most feeling like he crossed the line.

In fact, Ponte's behavior cost him a sponsor, as Blue Shark Optics, a sunglasses company, revealed that they would no longer be sponsoring the "Hash Tag King":

"Mr. Salomon Ponte @salomonponte is no longer a member of our team and our company. We wish him well. #WeDoMakeMistakes"

As if all of that weren't enough, Twitter has decided to suspend Ponte's account.


All in all - not the best weekend for the "Hash Tag King".


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