Poker Cheat Nabbed By German Authorities

Published on 2014-07-18 23:13:00

Prison / Jail Cuffs - PhotoAli Tekintamgac, who famously cheated to win the 2010 WPT Spanish Championship for $343,307, has been sentenced to jail in Germany for running a poker cheating ring.

Tekintamgac's scheme was revealed during the final table of the Partouche Poker Tour Cannes in the fall of 2010. Tournament organizers removed Tekintamgac from the final table after they alleged that Tekintamgac was using fake journalists and bloggers to relay information about his opponent's holdings. The Partouche Poker Tour disqualified Tekintamgac after they reviewed the videotape and saw that Tekintamgac was conspiring with his crew to defraud all of the other players in the tournament.

Ali Tekintamgac's scheme was on full display at the WPT Barcelona final table in 2010 - in this video, you can see one of his co-conspirators (the guy in the grey shirt holding the camera) relaying signals to Tekintamgac after observing what Tekintamgac's opponent was holding:


According to Augsburger Allgemeine, Tekintamgac was sentenced to three years, five months in prison after being convicted of running a poker cheating ring by the Augsburg District Court. One of Tekintamgac's partners acknowledged his role in the scheme and received a suspended sentence, while another disappeared and hasn't been heard from since.


Here is an interview with Tekintamgac following his win in 2010:


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