"Very Famous" Poker Player Forgot $300,000 in Las Vegas Cab

Published on 2013-12-27 17:19:00

Open Money Bag - IllustrationPoker is a skill game, but a certain "very famous" 28 year-old poker player got an extremely lucky break when he had a brown paper bag containing $300,000 returned to him by a very honest Las Vegas cab driver.

The story started when this unnamed player hired a cab driver named Gerardo Gamboa to drive him from the Cosmopolitan to Palms Place. For some reason known only to him, the poker player got distracted and left a paper bag containing $300,000 in the cab when he exited.

The poker player quickly realized his mistake but the cab had already driven off.

Mr. Gambao became aware of the bag in his back seat when a doorman at the Bellagio pointed it out to him. "There is a bag in here. It’s full of chocolate" the doorman said.

Gerardo Gamboa investigated and found that the bag wasn’t full of chocolate - instead, it was full of money.

Gamboa returned to his company’s headquarters with the bag full of money, where the “very famous” poker player was already waiting.

Police needed four hours to determine that the poker player was, in fact, the rightful owner of the money, and the bag of money and its owner were subsequently reunited.

Gamboa’s company gave the cab driver a $1,000 reward and a steak dinner, while the poker player is reportedly also going to give the man some sort of a reward as well.

How many people would return a bag filled with $300,000 to its rightful owner?

Source: CNN.com - Las Vegas cabbie finds $300,000 in backseat, returns it to poker player


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