Phil Ivey Launches Lawsuit Against Crockfords

Published on 2013-05-08 23:00:00

Crockfords Casino vs. Phil Ivey - Logo and PhotoPhil Ivey has been involved in a dispute with the oldest casino in Britain, Crockfords, since the summer of 2012. Things escalated even further earlier this week when Ivey and his team of lawyers launched a lawsuit against the casino, demanding the immediate payment of nearly $12 million USD in winnings.

According to multiple media reports, Phil Ivey and an unnamed female companion walked into Crockfords in August of 2012 to play some Punto Banco. Crockfords, which is the oldest casino in the United Kingdom, is owned by Gentings.

According to reports, Ivey started out betting $80,000 per hand, but quickly kicked it up to $150,000 per hand. Over the course of a two day session, Ivey swung from a loss of $500,000 to a gain of roughly $11.7 million USD.

After this very big two day run, Ivey announced that he was leaving and asked the casino to wire his winnings into his bank account.

At this point, the casino reportedly launched an investigation of Ivey's win. According to reports, Ivey's companion had been previously banned from a casino, and casino management felt as though Ivey's win may have been tainted. Casino employees were interviewed and video tape was scrutinized.

Crockfords obviously made the decision not to pay Ivey out, as Ivey and his lawyers sued for the money earlier this week.

Ivey said that he was "deeply saddened" by the turn of events and mentioned that he has always honoured his commitments when he has previously lost money at the casino.


It will be interesting to hear Crockfords' defense to Ivey's lawsuit, as a spokesman for Genting has said that the casino's position is supported by "strong legal advice".



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