Full Tilt Poker Just One Day Away From Full Relaunch

Published on 2012-11-05 03:07:00

Full TIlt Poker - 1 Day to LaunchFor some, November 6th will be a glorious day. For others, November 6th will be just another frustrating day on a pile of other frustrating days.

On November 6th, real money games will be fired up on Full Tilt Poker. For the first time since June 29th, 2011, Full Tilt Poker will be fully functional and back in business.

For many in the world's poker community, November 6th will be the first chance to access account balances that at one time seemed to be lost forever. It will also be also be the first chance to use Full Tilt Poker's wildly popular software since the AGCC shut down the site in the summer of 2011.

For residents of the United States, November 6th will be just another frustrating day. For starters, Americans still don't know exactly when they will be getting their balances back from the DoJ or even what the repayment process will look like. In addition, Full Tilt Poker's relaunch will be yet another reminder that online poker is basically dead in the United States, at least for now.


In short - November 6th will be a great day for some, and yet another day of frustration for others.


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