Polish, Slovenian and Romanian Players Moved to Pokerstars.eu

Published on 2012-03-03 23:59:00

Pokerstars.eu logoIf you are a Pokerstars player that lives in Poland, Slovenia or Romania, Pokerstars has now migrated your account over to Pokerstars.EU from Pokerstars.com.

Players from five countries have now been moved over to Pokerstars.EU: Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland.

Pokerstars was recently awarded a European license by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. This was an important development, as now players from the aforementioned countries donít have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Other European Union countries are expected to be moved over to Pokerstars.EU in the coming weeks and months.

Note: players on Pokerstars.EU are not segregated from the rest of the poker playing population. Players on Pokerstars.EU are still able to play in the same games and tournaments as those people who are still playing on Pokerstars.com.


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