Court Documents Detail Phil Ivey’s Monthly Income from Tiltware

Published on 2011-12-31 21:47:00

Phil Ivey rocking the FTP GearIt’s not a surprise that Phil Ivey was receiving a substantial amount of money each and every month from Tiltware LLC (Full Tilt Poker parent company), but recently released court documents reveal exactly how much the poker superstar was being paid.

According to recent reports, Phil Ivey was forced to produce documents showing that his monthly payments from Tiltware LLC had ceased after “Black Friday”. Phil Ivey’s divorce agreement with his ex-wife called for Luciaetta to receive payments of $180,000 per month, provided that Phil was still receiving his monthly payments from Tiltware. The payments ceased and so did Luciaetta’s monthly alimony payments.

According to the documents, Phil was receiving about $920k per month from Tiltware.

Luciaetta’s newly hired lawyer, Bruce Shapiro, has argued that Luciaetta was entitled to 50% of this income stream because Ivey "indisputably" acquired his stake in the company during his marriage.


Luciaetta and her lawyer are alleging that there was a conspiracy that deprived Luciaetta of her rightful share of the former couple’s assets.

Phil and her lawyer are alleging that Luciaetta simply “wasted” all of her money and is now looking for more.

One thing is for sure - Phil won’t be looking back fondly on 2011.



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