Gus Hansen Issues Public Statement

Published on 2011-09-22 13:25:00

Gus Hansen focused and seriousWith the formerly powerful Full Tilt Poker brand continuing to fall apart by the hour, a number of people associated with the company have issued public statements in which they have proclaimed their innocence.

Add (former) "Team Full Tilt" member Gus Hansen to that list.

According to (via Danish newspaper, Hansen has released a series of statements through his agent.

Hansen stated, amongst other things, that he was completely unaware of Full Tilt Poker's issues and that he thought that the site was an "oiled and well-running business machine."

Hansen, through his agent, stated that he was "never near the top" of Full Tilt Poker, so he didn't really know what was going on behind the scenes.

Expect more public statements from members of "Team Full Tilt" over the coming days and weeks, as everybody tries to distance themselves from the smoking wreckage that is Full Tilt Poker.

Source: - Gus Hansen: "We Don't Know What's Up and Down"


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