Jeff Ifrah Taking Questions on TwoPlusTwo Forum

Published on 2011-08-28 03:04:00

Ifrah Law and Full Tilt Poker logosJeff Ifrah, founding partner of Ifrah Law LLC, is one of a number of different attorneys who is currently representing Full Tilt Poker.

Ifrah is also representing eight members of "Team Full Tilt" and five "corporate entities" associated with Full Tilt Poker as they attempt to have a class action lawsuit (which was filed in June) dismissed.

According to his profile on

"Jeff Ifrah's legal skills and record of success have earned him international recognition as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer and litigator. He is an advocate keenly focused on delivering results for his clients - on understanding the problems they face and developing innovative strategies to resolve them."


"But outside the courtroom and the conference room, Jeff is equally devoted to a more personal mission. He is dedicated to changing the way clients think about their lawyer. That is why Jeff puts a premium on communication and responsiveness, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone or e-mail."

Ifrah decided that he was going to start answering questions personally, so he opened an account on earlier today. Ifrah posted 33 times before calling it a night - his first post can be found on this page.

A new piece of information that surfaced tonight - apparently Full Tilt Poker is planning on releasing a statement early next week that will talk about the current state of the company's efforts to secure an investor.


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