Barry Greenstein Running Good

Published on 2011-08-07 13:38:00

Barry Greenstein with a big smile on his faceIt's official - Barry Greenstein runs good.

How else can you explain Greenstein's Aston Martin DB9 being "stolen" from valet parking in San Diego, only to be returned an hour later by the thief?

On top of that, the perpetrator actually decided to have the car detailed after driving it away - now that's running good.

Greenstein relayed the story via his Twitter account yesterday. Barry was in San Diego to play in a mixed game at the Palomar Card Club.

On Saturday afternoon, Greenstein posted this:

"I don't think twitter can help with this but you never know: my Aston Martin DB9 was stolen from valet parking!"

and then this:

"Guy came up to valet and said his name was Greenstein. Didn't have a valet ticket. Flashed a california ID."

In most cases, the Aston Martin would never be seen again. However, this is Barry Greenstein that we are talking about.

An hour later:

"Unbelievable, but the guy dropped the car back at the mariott. He's now claiming I asked him to detail it."

After talking with police, Greenstein relayed the true details of what happened:

"the valet guy knew he had screwed up and lied about the ID and Greenstein story. He's terminated."

"The guy who took the car saw it in the valet parking lot and told the valet guy the plate and asked for the car."

"The perp's mother claimed he has mental issues and somewhat believes it's his car. He is now in the hospital."

"The guy detailed the car, inside also. I feel bad for him. Normal person would have dropped it off somewhere."


When your ridiculously expensive car gets stolen, you are officially running bad.

When your ridiculously expensive car gets stolen and is returned in better shape than when it left, then you are officially running good.

Source: Barry Greenstein's Twitter Account


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