Cereus Network a Ghost Town as US Players Blocked

Published on 2011-05-19 18:16:00

The King sitting in his chair reporting on the latest from Absolute Poker and Ultimate BetAs of last night, UB and Absolute Poker were both reportedly blocking US players from accessing real money games.

If you are from the United States and try logging into either AP or UB now (if you still play there), you will only be able to access play money games and freerolls.

The Cereus network recently entered into an agreement with US authorities. Part of this agreement states that Cereus has to ban their US customers from playing for real money.

Up until yesterday, US players were still able to play for real money on the Cereus network. Pokerscout.com noted in their weekly online traffic updates that they were still seeing players from US cities playing for real money on the Cereus network.

Speaking of Pokerscout.com weekly traffic updates - in their most recent update (released a few days ago), Pokerscout.com stated that traffic on the Cereus network was down 83% since "Black Friday". Given that US players were still playing on the network as of yesterday, how much further will Cereus' traffic fall in the weeks ahead? Based on what I've seen, UB and AP are pretty much ghost towns today.


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