The Latest on the Online Poker Situation

Published on 2011-04-16 15:19:00

The King is holding the crown in his hand and feeling his hair while updating with the latest news from the poker frontHere is some of the latest news:

-as of this moment, there are currently over 215,000 players on Pokerstars

-as a result of having blocked US players from taking part in real money games, Pokerstars has lowered the guarantees on many of their tournaments

-according to multiple reports on Twitter, Full Tilt's cashier page is now working for non-US players

-according to Bluff Magazine, Full Tilt Poker has put a hold on the Onyx Cup, perhaps permanently

-according to Bluff Magazine, Inside Deal has been removed from the web site

-Bluff Magazine also surmises that the NAPT has probably had its last event

-many top sponsored pros are not speaking about what has happened per the advice of their agents

-according to, Pokerstars is calling their high stakes cash game regulars to tell them that their money is safe

-Full Tilt Poker is now using, while Pokerstars is using


That's the latest, I'll have another update for you later tonight.


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