Kathy Liebert Bashes Howard Lederer

Published on 2011-03-12 07:02:00

Kathy Liebert in pink at the World Series of Poker 2010Kathy Liebert doesn't like Howard Lederer very much.

Earlier in the week during a "Live at the Bike" webcast, Kathy Liebert said that Howard Lederer would have been a "bust out poker player if he didn't fall into Full Tilt".

The outspoken Liebert continued to blast away at Lederer a short time later via her Twitter account. She started out with this:

"What I said about Howard is true."

and followed up with this:

"#boring #notfriendly #nit. Not my kind of guy."

and finished up with this:

"boring nit acts like big shot but was busted poker player. unfriendly pompous. Arrogant. Too bad only 140 characters allowed"



Source: Kathy Liebert's Twitter Account

Photo: GreasyWheels.com


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