Peter Eastgate Makes His Return At The EPT Copenhagen

Published on 2011-02-22 04:31:00

Peter Eastgate at the EPT Copenhagen - 20112008 World Series of Poker main event winner Peter Eastgate officially made his return to the poker world on Monday, as he participated on Day 1a of the EPT Copenhagen main event.

In July of 2010, just before the World Series of Poker main event was set to begin, Eastgate stunned many in the poker world by announcing that he was taking a break from poker. He said that he was going to take time away from the game to focus on himself and figure out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

A few months later, Eastgate auctioned off his main event bracelet on Ebay to raise money for charity. Many people took this to mean that he was officially done with the game of poker.

Earlier this year, Eastgate announced via that he was returning to the game that had made him a multi-millionaire. He said that he would be playing the NBC National Heads-Up Championship and EPT Copenhagen events to start.


Eastgate's first day back in the poker world was a successful one, as he managed to make it through to Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen with an above-average stack of 73,200 chips.

Eastgate is listed in the chips counts on as a "Pokerstars sponsored player". I'm going to guess that Eastgate will once again be named to "Team Pokerstars Pro" in the near future.



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