Pokerstars Signup Code for 2011

Published on 2010-11-01 16:35:00

Pokerstars Signup Code 2011 - THEKING

There are two codes that you will need to enter when you are signing up for an account on Pokerstars.

The first is the "Pokerstars Marketing Code" - you will be asked to enter this when you are first signing up for your account. The code that is pictured below is good for ALL of 2011:

The King presents the Pokerstars Marketing Code

The second is the "Pokerstars Bonus Code" - you will be asked to enter this when you are making a deposit on the site. This code, as well, is also good for all of 2011.

Why do you need to enter these codes? The answer - to qualify for your initial deposit bonus on the site.

Pokerstars offers a 100% signup bonus of up to $600 for all of their new customers. Pokerstars will allow up to three qualifying deposits within the first 90 days of you making your first deposit on their site.

In order to qualify for this bonus offer, you simply need to enter two codes:

THEKING as your "Pokerstars Marketing Code 2011"

STARS600 as your "Pokerstars Bonus Code 2011"

That's it! After that, all you need to do is make a real money deposit on the site and you will qualify for your bonus offer.

Remember - this is a matching bonus, so Pokerstars will match the size of your initial bonuses on the site up to a maximum of $600!

My advice - make your first deposits count, as the more money you deposit, the higher of a bonus that you will be eligible for.

Don't forget as well - when signing up, make sure to enter THEKING as your Pokerstars Marketing Code, aka The 2011 Pokerstars Signup Code!!

Pokerstars Signup Code 2011 - THEKING


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