Who Will Win the 50 Billionth Hand on Pokerstars?

Published on 2010-09-22 07:26:00

50 Billionth Hand at PokerstarsIf you have plans for today, you might want to break them, as the 50 billionth hand is approaching on Pokerstars.

As I write this, hand #49,992,000,000 is being dealt on the site, which means that the "Mega Milestone" hand (#50,000,000,000) is mere hours away from taking place.

It's worth your while to jump on to Pokerstars today and fire up some cash game tables, as the eventual winner of the "Mega Milestone" hand will walk away with over $50,000 guaranteed.

All of the players who are dealt in to the 50 billionth hand will receive $500 for every VPP earned in the previous 50 hands on that particular table. All of the players who are dealt into the hand will also receive a free entry to the WCOOP main event ($5,200 value) on September 26th.

The winner of the hand will not only have their cash prize doubled, but they will ALSO receive an additional $50,000. Depending on the number of VPPs that were earned during the previous 50 hands on the table, the winner of the "Mega Milestone" hand could conceivably walk away with over $100k in total cash and prizes.


Remember - if you are dealt into the "Mega Milestone" hand, don't fold!

Good luck to everyone..


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