HSP Season 6, Episode 12 Recap

Published on 2010-05-03 01:56:00

-- The King is drinking his morning tea and updating his visitors on the last episode of High Stakes Poker --The line-up for this week's episode of "High Stakes Poker" included the following players:

Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Galfond, Bertrand Grospellier, Doyle Brunson, Mike Matusow and David Benyamine

During last week's episode, Mike Matusow saw his bankroll swell by almost $400,000 after winning a couple of very big pots against Daniel Negreanu. Would Negreanu be able to avoid tilting in this week's episode? How would Matusow play now that he had a large stack in front of him?

The first hand of the episode was fairly uneventful, as Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier took down the pot with a continuation bet after the flop.

The second hand of the episode saw David Benyamine fire out $15,000 on a board of 6s-2c-Ad-7h with nearly $25,000 in the pot. Matusow, who was the only other player in the hand, decided to fold his pocket Jacks, while Benyamine flipped up his pocket Queens and raked in the pot.

The third hand of the episode saw Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier make a pre-flop raise with 7h-4h, while Doyle Brunson defended in the BB with Qc-9d. The flop brought a Queen and two hearts - Brunson checked, "ElkY" bet his flush draw and Doyle called. The turn brought the Kh, giving "ElkY" the flush. "ElkY" bet $14,000 and Doyle folded.

The fourth hand of the episode saw Daniel Negreanu take a huge ($272,800) pot off of Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. After Doyle made a pre-flop raise with A-2 offsuit, a number of players, including Galfond and Negreanu, decided to make the call. The flop came 7h-10h-10s. Negreanu, who held 10c-7s, had flopped a full house. Galfond, on the other hand, held 9d-7d. The four players in the hand checked the flop. The turn brought the 6c. "ElkY", who held the nut flush draw (Ah-3h), decided to lead out with a bet of $11,000. Galfond decided to make the call. Negreanu raised to $41,000 - "ElkY" folded, while Galfond called. The river brought the Ks. Galfond checked, Negreanu bet $80,200, and Galfond elected to make the call after a bit of deliberation. Negreanu turned up his full house and took down the $272,800 pot.

In the fifth hand of the episode, Tom Dwan raised pre-flop holding Ac-Qc, receiving calls from both Phil Galfond (Ah-10d) and Daniel Negreanu (4h-3h). After a flop of 6h-Kc-Qh, Negreanu took the initiative in the hand and bet $8,000 with his flush draw. Dwan called, as did Phil Galfond. The turn brought the 4s. Negreanu bet $24,000 after a Galfond check, Dwan called and Galfond folded. The river brought the 7c. The two players checked it down, with Dwan showing his pair of Aces to take down the pot.

In the sixth hand of the episode, Tom Dwan flopped a flush (9c-6c) after the board came Ac-Jc-8c. Dwan bet $7,400, chasing everyone from the hand except David Benyamine, who held pocket Queens with the Queen of clubs. The turn brought the 6h, improving neither player. Dwan bet again ($21,200), and Benyamine called again. The river brought the 10h. Dwan bet $54,600, and Benyamine elected to make the fold.

In the seventh hand of the episode, Doyle Brunson was able to win a small pot after flopping trip fours. Doyle's trips improved to a full house on the river, and he was able to extract another $10,500 from Tom Dwan to take down a $31,600 pot.

In the eighth hand of the episode, Galfond raised pre-flop holding K-4 offsuit, Elezra (Qd-7d) called, Dwan (pocket Jacks) re-raised, Galfond folded and Elezra called. The flop came 9c-8h-4d. Elezra checked and Dwan checked. The turn brought the Queen of hearts, giving Elezra a pair of Queens. Elezra checked again, Dwan bet $28,200 and Elezra made the call. The river brought the 7h. Elezra checked, followed by a check from Dwan. Elezra turned up his Queens and took down the $94k pot.

In the ninth hand of the episode, Doyle raised to $5,500 holding 9d-8d. Benyamine (pocket Fives) and Grospellier (pocket Tens) both called. Dwan, who was the straddle in the hand, was also dealt pocket Tens and decided to raise it to $24,800. Doyle, David and "ElkY" all decided to make the call, creating a pot of over $100k before the flop was even dealt. The flop came 3s-As-Ah. Dwan led out with a bet of $22,800, prompting folds from Brunson and Benyamine. "ElkY", on the other hand, decided to make the call. The turn brought the 9h, and both players checked. The river brought the Ac. Dwan decided to bet $58,400, and "ElkY" made the call after a bit of thought. The two players turned up their pocket Tens and chopped the pot.

In the tenth hand of the episode, "ElkY" raised to $3,000 holding 8c-7c and took down the pot uncontested.

In the eleventh hand of the episode, Tom Dwan raised to $6,200 pre-flop holding 9s-8c. Doyle Brunson (6c-4c) called, as did Daniel Negreanu (9h-7s). The flop came 2s-3s-9c. Negreanu led out with a bet of $10,000, and both Dwan and Brunson decided to make the call. The turn brought the Ad, and it was checked around. The river brought the Qd, and the action was checked around once again. Dwan flipped over his pair of Nines with an Eight kicker and took down the $51,000 pot.

In the final hand of the episode, Negreanu raised to $4,200 pre-flop holding Jh-6h. Doyle Brunson (7s-5s) called, as did David Benyamine (Ac-5c). The flop came 6d-4h-3d, giving Doyle the nut straight. Action was checked around to Negreanu, who bet $10,500 with his pair of Sixes. Doyle pushed all-in (for about $70k), Benyamine folded and Negreanu decided to make the call. The players decided to run it twice, with Brunson taking down both deals.

Next week's episode of "High Stakes Poker" will be the last of the season..


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