HSP Season 6, Episode 7 Recap

Published on 2010-03-29 09:39:00

-- King is watching High Stakes Poker on his plasma television set --Daniel Negreanu was the main focus of last night's installment of High Stakes Poker Season 6, but this wasn't one of his finest episodes.

Things started off poorly for Negreanu, as he was unable to get paid off in the first two hands of the episode despite having hit big hands both times (he flopped a full house in the first hand against Andrew Robl and then rivered a straight in the second hand).

In the last hand of the episode, Negreanu decided to get involved in a big pot with Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

Negreanu had the button and decided to raise to $6,500 holding Jd-8s. Dwan, who was straddling to $1,600 in the hand, re-raised to $23,600 holding As-Kd.

After a bit of thought, Daniel decided to make the call.

There was nearly $50,000 in the middle when the flop came:


Dwan decided to lead out with a bet of $28,200, and Negreanu made the call.

The turn was the Kc, giving Dwan a full house.

Dwan decided to bet $56,600. Negreanu, holding just Jd-8s, raised it up to $138,600. Dwan, hoping to induce a bet from Negreanu on the river, decided just to call.

The river was the 10s. Both players checked, and Dwan took down the $380k+ pot.


The other big hand of the episode involved Andrew Robl and Patrik Antonius.

After Phil Ivey made it $7,000 with Kd-10d, Andrew Robl decided to call from the button with As-Qh.

Antonius was dealt Ah-As in the SB and made it $30,400.

Robl, after a bit of thought, pushed all-in and Antonius insta-called.

The two players decided to run it twice, with Antonius winning both times. Robl was forced to rebuy, and Antonius added a sizable pot to his stack.


Next week's episode has Phil Laak entering the game, Phil Ivey "finding an even faster gear" and Daniel Negreanu getting involved in another confrontation with Tom "durrrr" Dwan.


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