"Ziigmund" Wins Over a Million From Dwan

Published on 2010-03-24 11:48:00

Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies just completed a lengthy early morning session on Full Tilt Poker, with Sahamies winning more than a million dollars in the battle.

According to HighStakesDB.com, "Ziigmund" has won over $1.5 million on Full Tilt Poker over the past 24 hours, with much of that ($1 million+) coming from Tom Dwan's bankroll.

The two players squared off on multiple heads-up $500/$1000 PLO tables, with "Ziigmund" getting the best of Dwan early and often.

"Ziigmund" was able to accumulate a few mega stacks on multiple tables, and eventually decided to quit the game when Dwan was finally able to win a sizable pot. At one point, "Ziigmund" had a stack of over $800k on one of the tables.

As mentioned, "Ziigmund" finished his day with a profit of over $1.5 million on Full Tilt, while Tom "durrrr" Dwan ended up dropping about $855k.

For all of 2010, "Ziigmund" is now up about about $2.5 million on FTP, while "durrrr" is up about $2.55 million. Over the past 14 1/2 months or so, "Ziigmund" has managed to make about $5.5 million on the site (including today's results). This is the second best total behind Phil Ivey ($6,531,777.27).

Source: HighStakesDB.com


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