"durrrr" Has $1.75 Million Lead over Antonius After 33,242 Hands

Published on 2010-03-09 03:26:00

Tom "durrrr" Dwan continues to extend his lead over Patrik Antonius in the "durrrr Challenge", and is currently up about $1.75 million after 33,242 hands.

"durrrr" won an additional $342k in a short 364 hand session earlier today, extending his nearly insurmountable lead in the challenge. With this most recent session, Dwan has now opened up the largest lead that either player has enjoyed in the challenge.

With just 16,758 hand remaining in the "challenge", Antonius is quickly running out of time to catch "durrrr".

Dwan can conceivably be caught over 16k+ hands, but he can certainly make it a great deal more difficult on Antonius by playing more conservatively. Antonius will need to average over $104 in profit per hand over the remaining 16,758 hands just to catch up to "durrrr". This seems like a pretty tall order, especially given the fact that "durrrr" has all of the momentum right now. Antonius will first have to reverse the momentum and then start hammering away at Dwan's advantage over the remaining 16,000 hands.

Dwan has basically had the lead in the "challenge" for the past 15,000 hands or so. About 18,000 hands into the challenge, Dwan was able to erase the $500k lead that Antonius had, and it has been pretty much smooth sailing for "durrrr" ever since.

As you are likely aware, Antonius will need to cough up $500,000 to "durrrr" if he loses this challenge. This is in addition to any losses that Antonius sustains throughout the course of the challenge.

If Antonius can somehow catch "durrrr" and win the challenge, then Dwan will need to pay $1.5 million to Antonius.

It should be interesting to see what happens over the rest of the challenge. Will Antonius give up and try to buy his way out of the bet? Will he dramatically increase his aggressiveness in an attempt to build up even bigger pots? Will Dwan slam on the breaks and play ultra-conservative poker throughout the rest of the challenge?

The "durrrr Challenge" is not over yet, but Antonius needs to make a move, and soon.

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