"Halfrek" Goes Deep in Yet Another FTOPS Event

Published on 2010-02-13 22:08:00

-- Poker King is shooting guns with his fingers --"Halfrek" went deep in yet another FTOPS event on Thursday night, finishing in third place in Event #3 ($500+$35 NLHE 3X Shootout) for $36,450.00.

"Halfrek" has performed extremely well in the FTOPS during his career, going deep in events multiple times, and actually winning two events during the same series (FTOPS VIII).

"Halfrek" managed to take down Event #11 of the FTOPS VIII in May of 2008 for $342k, only to follow this with another victory ($517k) just five days later.

"Halfrek" is one of a handful of players to ever win two FTOPS events, and I believe that he is the only player to ever win two FTOPS events in the same series. Other players that have won multiple FTOPS events include Sorel Mizzi (since banned from Full Tilt Poker), "csimmsux" and "CaseyTheKid".

Since May of 2008, "Halfrek" has a 10th place, 9th place, 3rd place and two 1st place finishes in FTOPS events, for something close to $900k in total cashes.

"Halfrek" is definitely a player to keep an eye on throughout the rest of FTOPS XV.


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