Phil and Luciaetta Ivey Receive a Divorce

Published on 2009-12-29 23:12:00

Phil Ivey with a very serious lookAccording to (link below), Phil Ivey and his former wife Luciaetta have filed for and received a divorce.

The article says that "Ivey and Luciaetta filed the joint petition in a Nevada court on December 22", and that the divorce was finalized earlier today.

No word as to the reasons cited for the divorce or how any assets will be split.

2009 has definitely been one of the most interesting years of Phil Ivey's life. He went on an incredible run at the World Series of Poker, winning two bracelets and making the final table of the main event.

Ivey's final table appearance thrust the normally reclusive player into the spotlight, and now he finds himself there again just a few months later, thanks to this divorce announcement.

Luciaetta and Phil were high-school sweethearts and had been married for a number of years.

Source: - Poker Phenom Flushes His Marriage



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