"durrrr" Up $937k After 29,764 Hands

Published on 2009-12-22 12:27:00

Tom Dwan taking a peek at the cards he was dealtTom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius continued the "durrrr Challenge" earlier this morning, with Dwan emerging with a profit of $225,715.

A total of 29,764 hands have now been completed in the "challenge". If Antonius and Dwan continue at this rate, the entire challenge will take about 17 months to complete from start to finish. That would mean that we might actually see a winner declared in July of 2010.

With about 60% of the challenge in the books, Dwan currently has a lead of about $937k.

Of the 29,764 hands that have been played so far, "durrrr" has won 16,015 of them, while Antonius has won 13,640.

Approximately 2,000 hands were played in the session earlier this morning.

Four of the five biggest pots were won by Dwan. Here is a recap of the largest pot played between the two during the session:

Dwan is the button and has about $230k in his stack
Antonius is the BB and has about $119k

After a bunch of pre-flop raising, there is already over $61k in the pot when the flop comes:


Antonius leads out with a bet of $61,200, Dwan pushes and Antonius calls all-in for about $33k more.

Antonius shows:


Dwan shows:


The turn brings the 7c.

The river brings the 9c, giving Dwan the straight and the $238,674.50 pot.


It's always great to watch two of the best poker players in the world battle it out, but I think that we've been spoiled by the insane sessions involving "Isildur1" over the past few months. The "durrrr Challenge" sessions just don't have the same level of excitement that they had 8-9 months ago.

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