Brian Hastings Up Over $4 Million Dollars In Last 24 Hours

Published on 2009-12-09 10:45:00

Brian Hastings completely annihilated "Isildur1" earlier tonight, earning himself over $4 million dollars in the process.

According to, Hastings is up $4,206,960 in the past 24 hours (over 2,867 tracked hands), while "Isildur1" is down $3,484,630 (over 5,383 tracked hands).

Today's results mean that "Isildur1" is now down approximately $600k from November 1st until now. Consider the fact that "Isildur1" was up over $6 million dollars from November 1st to November 14th.

Brian Hastings smashed "Isildur1" on multiple tables, winning big pot after big pot. To say that Hastings was running hot would be the understatement of the century.

The biggest pot between the two players was won by Brian Hastings:

"Isildur1" had the button and around $340k in front of him, while Hastings had $590k or so.

After some pre-flop raising, there was $18k in the middle when the flop came:


Hastings led out with a bet of $13k, "Isildur1" raised to $48k and Hastings called.

The turn was the 10h.

Hastings bets $114,000, "Isildur1" pushed all-in and Hastings called.

The two players showed:

Hastings - 4c-7d-3c-6c

"Isildur1" - 10s-5c-Ad-Jh

The river was the 7s, giving Hastings a straight and the $683k pot.


I'm pretty sure that Hastings' $4.2 million dollar one-day profit is the biggest in online poker history.

Can "Isildur1" battle back (once again) after this incredible beat-down at the hands of Brian Hastings?



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