Dwan Up Around $780k in "durrrr Challenge" After 27,185 Hands

Published on 2009-10-28 06:05:00

Tom Dwan in the thinking modePatrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan completed some more hands in the "durrrr Challenge" on Tuesday, moving the nine-month battle a bit closer to completion.

Dwan was able to book a small win on Tuesday, meaning that he is now up around $780k in the challenge.

"durrrr" started out strong on Tuesday, thanks in large part to a sizable $300k pot that was shipped his way. Antonius managed to battle back a bit after that, but Dwan still walked away the winner from Tuesday's battle.

27,185 of the 50,000 required hands have now been completed in the challenge.

According to Full Tilt Poker, Dwan has won 14,657 of the 27,185 hands that have been played so far.

Here are details from two of the largest pots that were played on Tuesday:

1. "durrrr" Wins a $294k Pot.

Antonius had around $156k in his stack prior to this hand taking place, while "durrrr" had around $147k.

Antonius was the button/SB, while "durrrr" was the BB.

After some pre-flop raising, there was over $20k in the pot when the flop came:


The two players were soon all-in, with Dwan showing:


and Antonius showing:


Antonius was ahead in the hand, having flopped the nut straight.

However, Dwan had plenty of outs, having flopped two pair and a flush draw.

The turn brought the 3d, improving neither player.

The river brought the 6c, giving Dwan a full house (sixes full of sevens) and the $294k pot.

2. "durrrr" Wins a $190k Pot.

Antonius had around $330k in his stack, while Dwan had $95k.

The two players got into a raising war pre-flop, and Dwan was soon all-in.

"durrrr" showed Td-7h-Ad-Ac

Antonius showed 2s-As-Ah-9h

The flop came 9s-5c-9c, giving Antonius trip nines. Dwan was now way behind in the hand, and could only win with something runner-runner.

The turn brought the 6c. Dwan would need an eight on the river to win the hand, or else Antonius would be shipped the $190k pot.

The river? The 8h, giving Dwan a ten-high straight and the $190k pot.

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