"ElkY" Wins His Second WCOOP Bracelet in Three Days

Published on 2009-09-21 08:05:00

-- pokerstars sponsored player - elky - bertrand grospellier --Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier took down WCOOP #43 ($215 NLHE) earlier this morning, capturing his second WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) bracelet in the process.

This is Grospellier's second WCOOP victory in just the past couple of days. Early Saturday morning, "ElkY" was also able to take down WCOOP #38 ($530 NLHE 1R1A) for just over $230k.

WCOOP #43 had a grand total of 9,220 entrants, which meant that there was a total of $1,844,000 in prize money up for grabs.

There were no final table deals, meaning that "ElkY" took home just over $263k for his first place finish, as well as another WCOOP bracelet for his collection.

The end of the tournament came sooner than most people thought.

"ElkY" and "jektiss" had nearly identical stacks early in their heads up battle, and it appeared as though there might be a lengthy battle for the championship.

The heads up battle ended up being a very short one though.

With the board reading J-5-6-8-9, the two players shipped their stacks into the middle of the table.

"jektiss" probably thought that he was in pretty good shape when he flipped over T-7 for a Jack-high straight. Unfortunately for him though, "ElkY" had T-Q for the nut straight. "jektiss" was crippled, and "ElkY" closed out the tournament a few hands later.

Another decisive hand came in three-handed play, when "ElkY" and "chilipepp" got all-in pre-flop. "ElkY" held pocket eights, while "chilipepp" held pocket Queens.

The flop came 8d-Jd-6s, giving "ElkY" a set of eights. "chilipepp" wasn't able to catch one of the two remaining Queens in the deck, and was sent to the rail in third place.

Did anybody actually think that "ElkY" wasn't going to win this tournament when he reached the final table, especially given his ridiculous run over the past 18-20 months?

ElkY's performance over the past few years is beyond unreal at this point.


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