"Durrrr" and "martonas" Engaged in Epic Battle

Published on 2009-08-18 12:55:16

-- tom dwan aka durrrr - battling it online at full tilt poker --"Martonas", the Swedish poker player who still remains anonymous, has single-handedly set the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker ablaze in the past few weeks.

High stakes regulars such as Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Phil Ivey have been more than eager to play "martonas", but he remains a riddle that they haven't been able to solve. As of the moment that this article was written, "martonas" was up over $1.8 million dollars on Full Tilt in August, making him the biggest winner on the site for the month.

The regulars continue to take their shots at "martonas", hoping that he will eventually crack and chunk off his bankroll. "durrrr" and "martonas" are currently engaged in an epic heads-up battle - they are battling it out on 5 different $500/$1000 NLHE tables as we speak.

"durrrr" clearly wanted to take a proper shot at "martonas", as he said in the chat box that he had just "deposited for the second time ever".

As of this moment, there is over $3.3 million dollars on the five tables.

"Martonas" has around $1.55 million in front of him, and "durrrr" has around $1.8 million.

The battle continues to rage at this early hour, and it will be interesting to see when they decide to call it a night (or day).

There have been countless big pots tonight - I count at least 8 $400k+ pots so far, and I'm sure that there are more coming.

The biggest pot of the night so far was won by "durrrr".

After a bunch of pre-flop raising, there was over $140k in the middle when the flop came 3h-8h-4c.

The two players got the rest of their stacks in the middle after that flop, creating a pot of over $580k.

"martonas" showed 10-10, while "durrrr" showed K-K.

The turn brought the 9d and the river brought the 5h, which meant that "durrrr" had taken down the nearly $600k pot.


An earlier hand in the night saw "durrrr" take down a $315k pot after calling a $102k river bet with just King high.

With the board reading 7h-2d-Tc-2h-7s, "durrrr" checked, "martonas" pushed all-in ($102k), and "durrrr" called.

"Martonas" turned up 9-8 offsuit for a busted straight draw, while "durrrr" showed K-Q offsuit to take down the $316k pot.


An unbelievable battle - it will be interesting to see who ends up coming out on top tonight.


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