Christian Iacobellis Turned In An Amazing Performance on Sunday

Published on 2009-05-18 20:13:39

poker king is on the cellphone - reporting about full tiltWho turned in the better performance this weekend on Full Tilt Poker?

"Kaketka" or "da_professional"?

Let's start with "Kaketka".

"Kaketka" got his Sunday off to a strong start by taking down the MiniFTOPS $12+$1 knockout event for over $23k. "Kaketka" was able to navigate his way through a field that was filled with over 15,000 entrants to take down the tournament.

Then just a few hours later, "Kaketka" narrowly missed out on making the final table of the FTOPS main event, finishing up in 10th place. "Kaketka" was able to outlast over 4,500 other players en route to his $23k 10th place cash.

Impressive? Absolutely.

In an even more unbelievable performance, Christian "da_professional" Iacobellis was able to outshine "Kaketka" by taking down three large tournaments on FTP in just a single day.

On Sunday, "da_professional" won:

-the $200k Rebuy for $71k (540 entrants)

-the $75k Rebuy for $32k (932 entrants)

-the $85k Rebuy for $41k (466 entrants)

Are you kidding me? This has to be one of the best one-day performances in the history of online poker.

Congratulations to both players.


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