Recap of HSP Season 5, Episode 11

Published on 2009-05-11 07:59:24

season 5 - episode 11 - recap - high stakes poker - kingThe 11th episode of the 5th season of "High Stakes Poker" aired earlier tonight.

There was a new line-up of players for this week's episode. The lineup consisted of: Eli Elezra, Doyle Brunson, Mike Baxter, Dario Minieri, Phil Laak, David Peat, Tom Dwan and Alan Meltzer.

The blinds were $400/$800 with $200 antes.

In the first hand of the show, Dwan raised to $3,000 holding 8/6 offsuit. Alan Meltzer called holding the K/9 of clubs, Elezra called in the SB holding A-2 of diamonds and Doyle Brunson folded.

The flop came 10-5-4 with two diamonds. Elezra led out with a $16,000 bet, Dwan raised to $46,200, Meltzer folded, Elezra pushed and Dwan folded. Elezra took down the first pot of the episode with an aggressive play against Dwan.

In the next hand, the action folded around to Brunson, who called holding J-5 of hearts in the SB. Minieri, in the BB, raised to $3,600 holding K-4 offsuit. Brunson elected to make the call.

The flop came 2-3-10 rainbow, missing both players.

Brunson checked, Minieri bet $5,600 and Brunson folded.

Hand #3 got started when Dwan raised to $3,000 in early position holding pocket fives.

Brunson elected to call on the button, and the SB and BB both folded.

The flop came 6-3-2 with two spades, giving Brunson a pair of sixes.

Dwan led out with a bet of $6,200, and Brunson chose to make the call.

The turn was the 10 of diamonds. Dwan bet again ($16,400), and Brunson called once again.

The river was the 8 of diamonds. Both players checked, and Brunson took down the $54,000 pot.

Hand #4 started with a call from Eli Elezra holding K-10 offsuit. Brunson called holding the K-10 of diamonds, as did David Peat with his 8-4 of hearts.

Dwan raised to $6,200 holding the 6-3 of hearts. Brunson called, and everyone else folded.

The flop came 6-A-9 rainbow. Brunson checked, Dwan bet $12,200 and Brunson folded.

Hand #5 was started off with a $2,300 raise from Phil Laak holding the A-8 of clubs.

Dwan elected to raise to $9,300 holding 10-5 offsuit, and Phil Laak folded.

David Peat limped with Q-9 of spades to start off hand #6 of the show. Brunson called from the SB holding the 5-4 of clubs, and Minieri checked in the BB with 9-5 of hearts.

The flop came Q-3-9 with two hearts, hitting both Peat and Minieri hard.

Brunson checked, Dario bet $2,600, Peat raised to $9,000, Minieri raised to $23,500, Peat raised to $105,000 and Minieri folded after thinking it over for a while.

Hand #7 was started off by yet another David Peat limp - this time, he elected to limp with A-K of spades.

Meltzer, who was dealt A-J of clubs, called as well. Elezra (8-3 spades) called, Minieri called from the SB with 7-3 offsuit, and Laak checked from the BB with 7-4 offsuit.

The flop came Q-9-K with two clubs.

Peat bet $2,000, Meltzer raised to $10,000 with his massive draw, Elezra, Laak and Minieri all folded, and Peat called with his A-K.

The turn brought the 2 of spades. Peat checked, and Meltzer bet $25,000. Peat elected to make the call.

The river brought the 6 of hearts. Peat checked with his pair of Kings, and Meltzer elected to check as well. Peat was shipped the sizable $75k pot.

Hand #8 was started off by Meltzer, who limped in with his 9-7 offsuit. Elezra, who was dealt K-K, raised to $4,000. Minieri, who was dealt A-9 of hearts, raised to $13,000. The action folded around to Elezra, who elected to just call.

The flop came 8-8-K, giving Elezra a full house. He checked, as did Minieri.

The turn was the Queen of clubs. Elezra checked again, Minieri bet $14,500 and Elezra just called.

The river was the Ace of spades. Elezra led out with a bet of $35,000, and Minieri folded.

Phil Laak got hand #9 of the show started with a raise to $2,200 holding the Q-6 of hearts. Peat called with K-10 offsuit, Dwan called with A-2 of diamonds and Meltzer called in the BB with his J-2 offsuit.

The flop came A-3-10, giving Dwan a pair of Aces, Peat a pair of 10s and Laak a flush draw.

The action was checked around to Peat, who elected to make a bet of $5,500. Dwan called, Meltzer folded and Laak called as well.

The turn brought the 7 of hearts, giving Laak a flush.

Dwan checked, Laak bet $25,900, and Peat and Dwan both folded, giving Laak the pot.

Elezra elected to straddle the 10th hand of the episode. Minieri raised to $5,500 after being dealt 10-10. Peat put in another raise to $16,500 after being dealt A-4 of diamonds. Minieri elected to just call.

The flop came J-A-2. Minieri checked, as did Peat.

The turn was the 5 of spades. Both players checked again.

The river brought the 6 of spades. Minieri checked, Peat bet $25,000 and Minieri folded.

Minieri started off hand #11 with a raise to $3,000 holding the K-10 of hearts. Dwan called with his Q-6 of diamonds, as did Meltzer with his Q-6 of clubs. Baxter also elected to call the $3,000 with A-8 of diamonds, as did Brunson with his Q-J offsuit.

The flop came 3-9-9. Meltzer, who picked up a flush draw, bet $16,000, and everyone elected to fold.

Dwan started off hand #12 of the episode with a raise to $3,000 holding A-10 offsuit. Meltzer called holding A-7 of diamonds, and Baxter called holding Q-J offsuit.

The flop came 9-3-6 with two hearts. Dwan checked, Meltzer bet $6,000, Dwan folded, Baxter raised to $16,000 and Meltzer elected to make the call.

The turn brought the King of spades. Meltzer checked, Baxter bet $25,000 and Meltzer folded.

The final hand of the episode was started off by a straddle by David Peat. Dwan raised to $6,000 holding the 7-3 of diamonds, Meltzer called with his A-3 of clubs, Elezra called with his A-10 of spades, and Peat folded his 5-2 offsuit in the straddle.

The flop came 8-4-A with two diamonds. Dwan led out with a bet of $14,600. Meltzer called, Elezra raised to $45,000, Dwan called with his flush draw and Meltzer folded.

The turn brought the Jack of hearts. Dwan checked, as did Elezra.

The river brought the King of spades. Dwan bet $57,300, Eli called and raked in the $240k pot in the final hand of the show.


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