Morris Mohawk Gaming Group Acquires Domain

Published on 2009-04-21 02:44:22

bodog logoAccording to multiple sources, the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group and 1st Technology, LLC have reached a resolution in regards to 1st Technology's long-standing lawsuit against one of Bodog's associated companies.

Bodog lost a number of their domain names, including, after 1st Technology, LLC won a default judgment in 2007.

Bodog scrambled to come up with a replacement name after having some of their most valuable domain names seized, initially choosing, and finally deciding on

1st Technology, LLC launched a lawsuit against Bodog, claiming that the company had infringed on one of their patents.

1st Technology, LLC was originally seeking $48 million dollars in damages.

It's important to note that 1st Technology, LLC did not "lose" this case.

Rather, 1st Technology, LLC and the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (aka "the MMGG") settled this matter between themselves.

The MMGG licenses the Bodog brand for online gaming in the United States. The MMGG, from what I understand, acquired all of the seized Bodog domain names (including from 1st Technology, LLC.

As of right now, is now redirecting to

The terms of the deal between the MMGG and 1st Technology, LLC have not been released.

According to representatives from Bodog, 1st Technology, LLC wasn't suing Bodog themselves - rather, they were suing a defunct supplier in Costa Rica. At the time, Bodog simply walked away from the legal process, instead choosing to rebrand themselves as "". managed to land an interview with the reclusive Calvin Ayre following the news today. You can read the interview here.


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