OMGClayAiken Tops The Million Dollar Mark on GusHeaven

Published on 2008-12-06 09:12:47

full tilt poker player phil galfond - smiling after a big winPhil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond joined Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Tom "durrrr" Dwan Friday night as the only players to ever accumulate a stack of over one million dollars in a No Limit Hold'em game on Full Tilt Poker.

Other players, including Hac "trex313" Dang and David Benyamine, have come close to the million dollar mark - I believe that Benyamine had a stack of over $900k on two separate occasions.

Galfond accomplished the task on "GusHeaven" earlier tonight, and is currently sitting on a stack of $1.1 million dollars. Other players at the table included "elmariachimacho" and Di "Urindanger" Dang.

"OMGClayAiken" topped the $1 million dollar mark after a hand with "BoostedJ". "OMGClayAiken" was in the SB, and "BoostedJ" was in the BB. "tsarrast" raised to $3,000 pre-flop and both players called.

The flop came 8-3-10 rainbow. "OMGClayAiken" led out with a bet of $6,900 - "BoostedJ" called, and everyone else in the hand folded.

The turn brought the King of diamonds. "OMGClayAiken" led out with a bet once again, "BoostedJ" pushed, and "OMGClayAiken" called.

"OMGClayAiken" showed K-3 of spades for a turned two pair, while "BoostedJ" showed the 10-4 of clubs.

The river was the harmless Two of spades, and "OMGClayAiken" took down the $120k pot and moved over the $1 million dollar mark on the table.

"OMGClayAiken" took down two very big $400k pots on Friday evening - one hand was won with Kings, and the other hand was won with pocket Aces.

The first hand came against "elmariachimacho". The two players got into a raising war pre-flop and were soon all-in - "OMGClayAiken" held pocket Aces, while "elmariachimacho" held pocket Kings. The board came 8-8-5-9-J, and "OMGClayAiken" took down the $391k pot.

The second hand came against Isaac "luvtheWNBA" Haxton. "OMGClayAiken" raised to $3,500, "luvtheWNBA" called from the SB, everyone else folded.

The flop came 8-7-4 with two spades. "OMGClayAiken" bet $5,600, and "luvtheWNBA" called.

The turn was the King of hearts. "OMGClayAiken" bet, "luvtheWNBA" raised, and "OMGClayAiken" called.

The river paired the board, bringing another 4. "luvtheWNBA" pushed and "OMGClayAiken" snap-called with his full house. "luvtheWNBA" showed pocket Aces.

The game is still going, and "OMGClayAiken" currently has about $1.6 million dollars spread over two tables. Not a bad night at all - 2008 has been a great year for Galfond, and this performance is just another feather in his cap.

Edit: Thanks to Andrija for the heads-up regarding "durrrr".


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