Antonius Wins An Epic Hand Against Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro

Published on 2008-11-04 17:16:20

poker player patrick antonius - throwing playing cards in the air - poker chips in front of himIt wasn't the biggest pot in the history of online poker (that distinction belongs to a $700k+ KK vs AA hand between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Di "Urindanger" Dang), but it was definitely the most unbelievable.

Patrik Antonius and "Larsluzak" were engaged in a high-stakes, $500/$1000 No Limit Hold'em battle yesterday. "LarsLuzak" is a young high-stakes cash game player from Finland whose real name is Sami Kelopuro.

Antonius and Kelopuro are friends, however I am sure that "LarsLuzak" wanted to kill Antonius after their epic $606k hand was completed.

Antonius was in the small blind and Kelopuro was in the big blind. Phil Ivey was sitting out, and no one else was at the table.

Before the hand started, Antonius had a stack of $318k and "LarsLuzak" had a stack of $303k.

Antonius raised to $3,000, "LarsLuzak" re-raised to $11,000 and Antonius called.

The flop came 3-5-8 rainbow.

"LarsLuzak" led out with a $16,000 bet, and Antonius called.

The turn was the Ace of spades. "LarsLuzak" led out with a $32,000 bet, and again Antonius called.

The river was the Eight of spades. "LarsLuzak" led out with a $68,000 bet, Antonius pushed all-in, and "LarsLuzak" called.

Antonius revealed pocket eights for Quads on the river. "LarsLuzak" mucked.

"LarsLuzak" revealed in the chat box that he had pocket Aces. This is very believable considering how the hand was played - "LarsLuzak" snap-called the Antonius push on the river without even thinking about it. He certainly played the hand as if he held pocket Aces as well.

Antonius was shipped the massive $606,177 pot. Given the amount of money involved and the fact that Antonius hit a one-outer on the river to make Quads, this has to be the most unbelievable high-stakes cash game hand ever.


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