Di Dang Wins $723k Pot

Published on 2008-10-26 19:21:09

full tilt poker high stakes actionThis weekend has seen some of the craziest action in the history of online high-stakes poker.

The record for the largest ever online poker cash game pot has been broken FOUR times already this weekend.

Prior to Saturday, "patatino" held the honors of winning the largest ever online cash game pot. This was a $610k pot that was won against Hac "trex313" Dang in mid September. The record stood up for over a month, but went down in flames this weekend.

First it was Tom "durrrr" Dwan that broke the record. He won a $618k monster pot against "LarsLuzak" when "durrrr" held two pair and "LarsLuzak" tried to unsuccessfully bluff the river.

Then, a few hours later, John Juanda sucked out on "durrrr" for an even bigger $678k pot. The two players were all-in pre-flop with "durrrr" holding pocket Aces and Juanda holding pocket Kings. The river was the King of hearts, and Juanda was shipped the monster pot.

Just a few seconds later, Phil Ivey set the record by taking a $687k pot against Juanda. Ivey held pocket tens and Juanda held the K-8 of spades. The flop hit both players, giving Ivey middle set and Juanda a flush draw. The two players got their chips in the middle, and Ivey's set held up. Juanda had held the record for largest ever online poker pot for all of about 30 seconds.

Early in the morning on Sunday, Di "Urindanger" Dang broke the record yet again. This was the first ever pot that topped the $700k mark, and once again it involved "durrrr".

"Urindanger" raised to $3,000 pre-flop. "durrrr" re-raised to $16,300 from the Small Blind. "Urindanger" re-raised to $45,000, and "durrrr" just called.

The flop came 5-9-4. "durrrr" checked, "Urindanger" bet $52,700, "durrrr" raised to $139,500, "Urindanger" pushed all-in and "durrrr" called.

"Urindanger" showed pocket Aces, while "durrrr" showed pocket Kings.

The turn was the three of diamonds and the river was the six of hearts, and "Urindanger" was shipped the ridiculously big $723k pot.

Here are a few interesting facts from yesterday's insane "RailHeaven" and "GusHeaven" sessions:

-There were a total of five pots that were larger than $500k

-Tom "durrrr" Dwan was technically involved in all five pots (he was all-in for a few K on the Phil Ivey hand)

-"durrrr" lost when he held AA over KK pre-flop, and also lost when he held KK vs AA

-"durrrr" had a stack of well over $1.3 million on "RailHeaven", becoming the second player ever to top the $1 million dollar mark in that game (the first being Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies)

-the final numbers are not in, but "durrrr" apparently finished the day down approximately $150k

-"Urindanger" ended up being the big winner, while "elmariachimacho" ended up as the biggest loser

-"durrrr" left "RailHeaven" with over $1.25 million dollars

Just a ridiculous day of high-stakes action on Full Tilt Poker that will be very hard to top.


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