Gus Hansen and Ilari Sahamies Are Both Doing Extremely Well in October on FTP

Published on 2008-10-20 03:58:03

poker player gus hansen - promotional photo - full tilt - blue backgroundTwo players are currently up more than a million dollars on Full Tilt Poker so far in October - Gus Hansen and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies. These are two of the most volatile players on the site (in terms of bankroll swings), and both players are enjoying some positive variance right now. After the first 18 days of October, Gus Hansen has added an impressive $1.92 million dollars to his bankroll over 23,641 hands (according to "Ziigmund" has also done very well for himself in October, earning approximately $1.02 million dollars over 10,961 tracked hands.

Most of Gus Hansen's impressive profits this month have come from the high stakes Omaha Hi/Lo games on the site. Hansen has made over $1.54 million dollars playing Omaha Hi/Lo so far in October - a great deal of this profit has come from David Benyamine and Phil Ivey, who have dropped approximately $1.7 million dollars between the two of them in high stakes Omaha Hi/Lo this month.

"Ziigmund", on the other hand, has made most of his money in October from the high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games. Sahamies has made an estimated $743k from high stakes PLO in October over just 3,473 hands. The rest of his profit has come from Omaha Hi/Lo.

The list of the top five most profitable cash game players in October is rounded out by a few familiar names.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan is third on the list with a total profit of $615k. After suffering a brief, painful downswing, "durrrr" seems to have turned things around. "durrrr", according to HighstakesDB, has made an estimated $2.7 million dollars on Full Tilt Poker so far in 2008.

"Nuts78" has made an estimated $579k so far in October, while Hac "trex313" Dang rounds out the top five with a total profit of $502k. Dang has made a total of $3.15 million dollars on Full Tilt Poker in 2008, while his brother, Di "Urindanger" Dang, has made an additional $1.93 million.

Other well-known players have had strong starts to October, including "Ozzy 87" (+$441k), Phil Ivey (+$330k) and John Juanda (+$320k).

The top loser on Full Tilt so far in October is "elmariachimacho", who has dropped a total of $610k over 3,080 hands. "elmariachimacho" has lost a total of $1.87 million dollars in 2008, which has led many to speculate as to his (or her) identity. Most people are positive that this is another one of Guy Laliberte's several Full Tilt accounts.

"KObyTAPOUT" is next on the list with a total loss of $537k over just 1,365 tracked hands. The top five list of biggest losers is rounded out by "LoLiNa" (-$507k), Patrik Antonius (-$503k) and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond (-$492k).

Di "Urindanger" Dang has dropped $411k in October, while "lady marmelade" has lost $393k. "lady marmelade" has lost a jaw-dropping $4.021 million dollars so far in 2008. This is just behind "patatino", who has lost an even more incredible $4.04 million dollars on the year. Both accounts are rumored to be played by Guy Laliberte, which would make sense - I can't imagine any other high-stakes poker player who could absorb those kinds of losses.

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