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poker kings daily update - while drinking a cup of coffee1. "Ozzy 87" vs "ElMariachimacho". There have been some pretty savage beats dished out on the $500/$1000 "RailHeaven" table on Full Tilt Poker, but yesterday's pot between "Ozzy 87" and "ElMariachimacho" might just take the cake.

The game was four-handed. "Ozzy 87" had a stack of $260k and "elmariachimacho" had a stack of $219k. Tom "durrrr" Dwan and "KillerIntent" were also seated at the table.

"KillerIntent" raised preflop to $3,500. "durrrr", "Ozzy 87" and "elmariachimacho" all called.

The flop came 3-5-9 with two diamonds. "Ozzy 87" led out with a $14,000 bet, leading "durrrr" and "KillerIntent" to both fold. "elmariachimacho" re-raised, "Ozzy 87" pushed all-in and "elmariachimacho" quickly called.

"Ozzy87" saw he was absolutely crushed when "elmariachimacho" turned over pocket fives for a set. "Ozzy 87" held pocket threes for bottom set, and would need the last three in the deck to win the hand.

The turn brought the three of spades, and "Ozzy87" had hit his one-outer and made quads. The river was the harmless six of diamonds, and "Ozzy 87" was shipped the massive $444k pot.

Given the amount of money involved ($444k), and the odds of "Ozzy 87" winning the hand after the flop, this may have been the biggest bad beat in the history of online poker.

2. Tom "durrrr" Dwan. After having a well-publicized downswing on Full Tilt Poker, Dwan has come storming back. He has been doing well in the high-stakes No Limit Hold'em games on Full Tilt Poker over the past few days, having amassed stacks of well over $500k multiple times.

"durrrr" was involved in a particularly big hand with Gus Hansen on "RailHeaven" yesterday.

"durrrr" had a stack of $431k, and Hansen had just around $238k. Hansen raised to $3000 preflop, "durrrr" re-raised to $9,600 and received calls from both Hansen and "Urindanger."

The flop came 4-J-7 with two clubs. Hansen checked, "durrrr" bet $18,700, "Urindanger" folded, Hansen raised to $86,400, "durrrr" pushed all-in and Hansen called.

"durrrr" showed pocket Kings for an overpair while Hansen showed A-J of hearts. Hansen would need either an Ace or another Jack to win the pot, and neither came on the turn or the river. "durrrr" was shipped the $487k pot, which was the biggest of the day on the site. Were it not for all of the massive pots that have been played over the past 1-2 months on "RailHeaven", this would have been one of the biggest online cash game pots of all time.

3. Kentucky Gambling Domain Name Case. A decision is now expected tomorrow (Thursday) morning. The decision was supposed to come today, but apparently there were "computer issues" that forced a delay in the releasing of the ruling. We'll have a full report on once the ruling is finally handed down. The online gambling industry is holding its collective breath tonight. At stake? 141 of the most popular gambling URLs in the world that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is attempting to seize.

4. Final Table of North American Poker Championship Almost Set. They are currently seven-handed at the North American Poker Championship (WPT). There are a number of notable names left in the tournament, including Kathy Liebert, Matt Matros, Gavin Smith and Marc Karam. The remaining seven players are competing for the first-place prize of $1,090,589.


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