"Ziigmund" vs Antonius on "RailHeaven"

Published on 2008-10-07 04:10:11

ziigmund - wearing a fur suit - ilari sahamiesJust a day after amassing a ridiculous $1.1 million dollar stack on "RailHeaven", Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies nearly did it again.

He was within striking distance on Monday, building up his stack to over $800k before losing a pot to Gus Hansen and leaving the table. For the second straight day, "Ziigmund" built up his stack while sitting with two of the best poker players in the world, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius.

Antonius and Sahamies are close friends. However, Patrik Antonius can't be all that happy with "Ziigmund" right now, considering that Antonius has donated a large amount of money to his fellow Finn over the past couple of "RailHeaven" sessions.

For those that don't know, "RailHeaven" is the 6-max $500/$1000 No Limit Hold'em game that occasionally runs on Full Tilt Poker. This game is usually populated by some of the richest poker players in the world, including Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey and Guy Laliberte. There have an a number of $400k+ pots at the table over the past few months, making the table a true heaven on earth for railbirds.

"Ziigmund" won a couple of particularly big pots on Monday. Here they are:

First off, "Ziigmund" and Patrik Antonius tangled in a $507k monster pot. The game was four-handed. "Ziigmund" had the button, and Antonius was in the Big Blind. Ivey started off the hand with a raise to $3,000. "Ziigmund" called from the button, and Antonius called in the big blind.

The flop came 8-4-3 with two spades. Antonius led out with a $7,000 bet, Ivey called, and "Ziigmund" raised to $25,000. Antonius called, and Ivey folded.

The turn was the 2 of spades. "Ziigmund" bet out $55,000, Antonius pushed all-in, and "Ziigmund" called. "Ziigmund" held the 5-7 of spades for a flush and open-ended straight flush draw, and Antonius held the 5-6 of diamonds for a straight. Antonius was drawing dead, and "Ziigmund" was shipped the massive pot.

Just a short time later, "Ziigmund" won another monster pot from Antonius. With the board reading K-9-8-8-A with three hearts and a pot already in excess of $100k, "Ziigmund" pushed all-in on the river. Antonius called, and "Ziigmund" showed J-8 for trip eights, and took down another monster pot from Antonius. Antonius had dropped over $400k in just a couple of minutes, and "Ziigmund" was well on his way towards another great day on Full Tilt Poker.

As if all of this wasn't enough, "Ziigmund" also won a $395k pot from Antonius on a $200/$400 Deep Pot Limit Omaha table. The flop came 4d-6s-9h. Antonius bet $2400, and "Ziigmund" called.

The turn was the Jack of hearts. Antonius bet $7200, "Ziigmund" raised to $28,800, and Antonius called.

The river was the five of hearts. Antonius bet $54,800, "Ziigmund" re-raised all-in, Antonius thought for a while and then eventually called. "Ziigmund" showed Tc-9c-Qh-Ah for the nut flush.

"Ziigmund" is completely dominating Full Tilt right now. He is an extremely high variance player, so it will be interesting to see how long this hot streak lasts.


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