Published on 2008-08-03 20:03:28

logo for poker room - full tilt - green background - august updateSure we're only a couple of days into August, but so far four players have booked profits in excess of $200k in the high-stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker. They are:

"howisitfeellike", +284k
"LoLiNa", +238k
"charzard", +211k
"SteveSung", +204k

The "LoLiNa" alias has continued its strong play since the beginning of July, and is now up over $1.35 million dollars since that time. "SteveSung" has also had a profitable summer, and is now up over $647k since the beginning of July.

The top ten list of winners so far in August contains some more familiar names, including:

Brian Hastings, +127k
Isaac "luvtheWNBA" Haxton, +101k
Jeff "ActionJeff" Garza, +77k

The top ten biggest losers on Full Tilt in August includes some very familiar names.

John Juanda has currently banked the biggest loss so far in August, having dropped a total of $366k to the high limit games. Juanda has dropped a total of $1.134 million dollars since the beginning of July.

Next on the list is "slaktarn", who has lost a total of $172k in August. The top five is rounded out by "EazyPeazy" (-136k), "Ziigmund" (-131k) and Gus Hansen (-119k).

Patrik Antonius continues his off season, having dropped just over $81k in the month of August. Since the beginning of July, Antonius is down over $840k according to

We'll have another update in about a week or so.



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