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poker player gus hansen - not happyWhen we last left you, Gus Hansen was on a major tear on Full Tilt Poker.

Every so often, despite being one of the biggest donators to the high stakes cash games on Full Tilt, Hansen will go on a massive upswing. Then, just like clockwork, Hansen will dump it all back (and then some).

The day of our last article on this site, Hansen had yet another strong day on Full Tilt, and was up over $1.28 million dollars on the month.

The next day (July 22nd) disaster struck. Hansen dropped an eye-popping 1.192 million dollars IN ONE DAY. I'm not sure that I recall a player losing that much in one day on the site - maybe this is a record? Regardless, Hansen's impressive July was evaporated in just 4,292 hands, as he gave back almost all of his winnings for the month in just one day.

"The Great Dane" wasn't discouraged though, and soldiered on the next day. He put in another 2,541 hands on July 23rd, and saw his bankroll increase by almost $530k.

His $530k surge on July 23rd wasn't even the biggest result of the day. "SteveSung" crushed the high stakes tables yesterday, making himself an impressive $801k in just 1,679 hands. Due to this unbelievable one-day performance, "SteveSung" is now the biggest winner on Full Tilt in July.

Some other impressive one-day swings on Full Tilt so far in July include:

Patrik Antonius, +$501k, July 22nd

Patrik Antonius, +$462k, July 21st (speaking of Antonius, he is still down $703k on the month, even after these two big days)

"ICallSoWhat", -$504k, July 20th

Gus Hansen, -$402k, July 16th

Gus Hansen, +$623k, July 15th

"SteveSung", -$509k, July 15th

"ICallSoWhat", -$450k, July 14th

Patrik Antonius, -$576k, July 12th

"patatino", -$425k, July 10th

"SteveSung", +$488k, July 6th

"patatino", -$413k, July 4th

"patatino", +$433k, July 3rd

Patrik Antonius, -$419k, July 3rd

The biggest overall winners for the month of July include: "SteveSung" (+$1.18 million), David Oppenheim (+$793k), "La Key U" (+$639k), "Urindanger" (+$634k) and "CHUFTY" (+$621k).

The biggest overall losers include: "patatino" (-$1.345 million), "ICallSoWhat" (-$1.117 million), David Benyamine (-$1.030 million), John Juanda (-$884k) and Patrik Antonius (-$703k).

Source: HighStakesDB


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