Published on 2008-06-26 01:17:37

poker player tom dwan aka durrrr - playing at full tilt poker roomAccording to, Tom "durrrr" Dwan cleared over a half million dollars on Full Tilt Poker yesterday.

Almost all of this profit came while playing high stakes Pot Limit Omaha. Most of the profits came from two very big hands, one with Patrik Antonius, and one with "ICallSoWhat". In both hands, Dwan had aces. Who says that Aces never hold up in Pot Limit Omaha?

Towards the end of his session, Dwan had over a million dollars spread out over a handful of Pot Limit Omaha tables. On one table he had a stack of over $530k, and on another table he had over $300k.

His first big hand came against Patrik Antonius. Dwan was in the big blind, and Antonius had the button. "ICallSoWhat" was in the small blind and raised - Dwan and Antonius both called.

The flop came 4-A-Q rainbow. Antonius and Dwan quickly got into a raising war, and "ICallSoWhat" exited the hand. When all of the money was in the middle of the table, Dwan turned up A-9-A-K, and Antonius turned up 10-Q-2-Q. Both players had flopped a set. Antonius was drawing very thin at this point - he could either hit the case Queen for Quads, or K-J for a runner-runner straight. There was no flush possibilities on the board. The turn and river brought the 6 and King of clubs, and Dwan won the monster $289k pot.

After that, there was an even bigger pot. Dwan was the Big Blind again, and at this point had a stack of over $400k. There was a pre-flop raise from "Urindanger", "ICallSoWhat" called in the small blind, and Dwan raised it again. "Urindanger" folded, and "ICallSoWhat" called.

The flop was seemingly a good one for "ICallSoWhat". It came 3-K-5 with two diamonds. "ICallSoWhat" had A-K-2-2 with the King and Two of diamonds for the second nut flush draw, plus he had top pair, a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw (spades). It's not a surprise that "ICallSoWhat" quickly shipped his money into the middle. He was surprised to see Dwan show 6-A-10-A for a pair of aces and the nut flush draw. The turn and river brought the ten of hearts and the Jack of clubs, and Dwan took down the monster $311k pot.

Since the beginning of 2008, Dwan is the third biggest winner on Full Tilt Poker with a total profit of $2.37 million dollars.

Source: HighStakesDB


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