Published on 2008-06-03 03:50:49

young poker player cole south - photo taken from his personal blog1. He just put in a ridiculous session on Full Tilt Poker that saw him drop as much as $400k, only to come roaring back and finish the day up almost $500k on the site (according to This included a $330k, multi-way all-in pot that saw his aces hold up, and a ridiculous bluff against "Ziigmund" that saw South make a $171k river bet on a paired board, holding nothing but two pair. "Ziigmund" apparently folded a full house. When all was said and done, South possessed two monstrous stacks of $524k and $407k, having taken significant sums of money from the likes of "Ziigmund" and David Benyamine. This was a near million dollar upswing that will rate as one of the most impressive one-day performances in the history of the site.

2. Since April 1st, South is the second biggest winner on Full Tilt Poker, having banked a total of $1.36 million dollars.

3. Last week, South was awarded $181k by Ultimatebet upon completion of their cheating investigation. He had played a substantial number of hands with the "superusers", and received one of the highest payouts. Sure, this was money that was cheated from him in the first place, but I don't think that he actually expected to get any of it back.

4. He is just about to turn 21 - perfect timing for the World Series of Poker which has just gotten underway.

5. He is a "red" Full Tilt pro and member of "Team Cardrunners".

6. He is currently traveling the world and playing poker.

7. He's in his early 20's and is already a multi-millionaire.

I would imagine that when Cole is looking back on his life, he'll have particularly fond memories of the spring of 2008. He seems to be running pretty good right now.


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