Published on 2008-05-19 09:08:16

poker king is reporting from the ftops viii full tilt tournamentThe player known as "Halfrek" had the FTOPS of a lifetime, taking down both the $1k NLHE event on May 12th and the two day $2500 NLHE event that ended on Sunday, May 18th. "Halfrek" became the first player to ever win two FTOPS events in the same series.

First off, "Halfrek" outlasted 1,592 other entrants to take down the $1k NLHE event for $342k.

Then, not even a week later, "Halfrek" did it again by winning the grueling two-day $2500 NLHE event. This time, "Halfrek" took home $517k for his efforts.

As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a player has ever won two FTOPS events in the same series.

A couple of other players have won multiple FTOPS events, but not in the same series. They include:

"Imper1um" - he actually won the PL Hold'em event in FTOPS IV under "Imper1um", and the $200 NLHE Rebuy event in FTOPS III under "kristy_sea"

"csimmsux" - won the two day $2500 NLHE event in FTOPS VII, and the $100 Pot Limit Omaha rebuy event in FTOPS V

"CaseyTheKid" - took down the $200 Omaha Hi/Lo event in FTOPS I, and yet another $200 Omaha Hi/Lo event in FTOPS III

I believe that these are all of the multiple FTOPS winners (if I am missing anyone, I apologize). No one has won two FTOPS events in the same series until now. Not only that, but "Halfrek" won two high buy-in events that were loaded with well-known professional poker players. An unbelievably impressive feat, one that may never be duplicated again.


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